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 Site Rules and Regulations

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Site Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules and Regulations   Site Rules and Regulations EmptySeptember 25th 2012, 6:31 pm

General Rules

Under no circumstances should one Godmod. There are different types of Godmodding all of which are unfair and ruin the roleplaying experience for the people involved. Some acts of Godmodding are being invincible to any attack or creating an indestructible weapon/armor, or starting out as if you are the strongest on the site when no one is granted such power when they join.

  • Autohitting is a subcategory of Godmodding. Autohitting is when you decide whether or not your attack is going to hit the opponent and how it is going to hit them (even just deciding that it hits still constitutes as an autohit).

  • Metagaming is another subcategory of Godmodding. Metagaming is where you as a person give your character knowledge they would not have access too. Say other people are in a topic and said something just because you know it does not mean that your character knows it. This even means knowing the name to people's characters despite no one having told you whether it be that character themselves or another one.

  • Powerplaying is the final form of Godmodding that'll be discussed. This is where a person blocks or dodges every single attack that comes their way as if it was nothing or being able to take every hit thrown at them as if it dealt no damage at all.

Do Not

  • Do not flame
    Flaming is basically arguing with someone back and forth while also insulting them. If you are going to flame someone then don't do it in a post. Do it in a Private Message (PM) because no one needs to bring other people into a personal problem you may have with someone. Now if there is abuse or harassment then let an Administrator or member of the staff know.

  • Do not spam.
    Posting frequent unnecessary topics or comments to increase their post count, as well as posting more than once in a row (e.g. double posting). You will be warned, and if there is a continual breaking of this rule, punishment will be inflicted.

  • Do not use something that has not yet been approved.
    If you have something that is pending on approval then you shouldn't use it until it is approved. The reason for this is because you might not get approved what you want, things will have to be edited and then you just ended up God-Modding. Which is another rule you'd be breaking, and this also causes a lot more trouble for everyone.

  • Do not RP in more than 5 topics.
    Self explanatory. Users cannot be in more than a certain amount of RPs! It's a nice incentive; however, it ruins continuity terribly. No user is allowed to be in more than 5 active rp's at once. Continuity is something that is important to the whole site.

  • Do not make multiple accounts
    You can only make two accounts on the site. The first you can make right off the bat the second requires 750 posts on your main account and admin permission. Otherwise, making multiple accounts is forbidden regardless of what other members may tell you.

  • Do not excessively swear
    Since it is a part of everyday life it will be allowed but not excessively. we don't want to see every single one of your posts with you cussing in it.

  • Inappropriate content.
    This is not a porn site, nor a drugs site or a horror site. We do not want to see any pictures showing sex, drugs or excessive gore. Also, please don't RP sex scenes. Do it in PM and if you really have to, put, "The scene goes black." signifying it.

Approval Rules

  • Harassing the staff
    If you ask a staff member to approve the item you have applied to be approved it will be locked for 3 days before being looked at again.

  • You cannot bump a topic unless it hasn't been replied to for 24 hours.
    Bumping is when whatever it is you are trying to get approved hasn't been looked at for awhile and you post in the topic saying, "bump" so that the topic gets pushed to the top. We can check the time from when it was posted so make sure it has been at least 72 hours since the last post. If you do that before 72 hours have occurred then the countdown will occur from the most recent post and you will have to wait another 72 hours before it being looked at.

  • Before making anything else make sure your character is approved.
    If he/she/it isn't approved then you other items won't be approved either or even looked at until said character is approved.

  • Use the templates.
    The templates are set up for a reason. Use them.

Note: Quick terminology

*Courtesy of the Kingdom Hearts RP site.
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Site Rules and Regulations
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