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 History of Noble World

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PostSubject: History of Noble World   June 23rd 2009, 9:09 pm

Far across the galaxies a planet lurks in the furthest shadows of the universe. A vast planet full of monstrous creatures and plants. In its beginning, it was as if no light existed on the planet. The sky was filled with a dark cloud like substance that blocked any and all light. Although, strangely, the air was filled with magic. All its creatures and specimens dwelled only in the shadows and their nature reflected this dark manner. They were vicious and crude in their efforts to live, but that was all these creatures knew. At rare times, a creature happened to show a unique ability that conjured something unnatural, but they couldn't do it again. Everyday was a struggle to live, to survive on this hidden planet. Food, territory, and even mates were constantly fought over and taken. If these simple beings were able to ponder, or even comprehend the flow of life, they still wouldn't have foreseen what was about to happen to their planet.

It was the start of a normal dark infested day, but something slowly began to happen that was very peculiar to this planet's inhabitants. A mountain began to rise from the earth at a tremendous speed. The creatures now paused in their normal everyday struggle and watched in bewilderment as the quickly growing mountain soon grew so high that it surpassed the clouds in the heavens, but normal was not what you would think of its shape either. By some fluke or purpose, a winding path was conveniently forged into this miraculous mountain. Curious and confused, the simple creatures were about to explore this new territory when a blinding light filled the sky and pierced the shadows. Frightened and shocked by this appearance of some new force that burned when looked upon, they fled into the trees and caves uncertain on how to take this new addition to their home.

Soon, the light dimmed and was no more. But, in it's wake, it had cleared the cloudy light-depressed skies and let the sun shine upon the land. At first, the creatures did not know what this light was. It blinded them and hurt their sensitive skin. New plants began to grow, colored with bright shades of green. Soon, the creatures adapted and evolved to the new conditions over the years. They grew to a more humanoid form, stood on two legs and developed eyes and skin which were accustomed to the light. They became more intelligent and learned to communicate with one another. After this, they became less violent beings. They also learned to control and master magic, since after centuries of breathing the magic enriched air, it had fused with their system and very being.

Of course, not all beings adapted to the light. Many still hid during the day and only came out at night. They dwelled in the darkest caves and in the deepest parts of forests or bottoms of bodies of waters. They retained their viciousness, but evolved also. They turned more beastly in body and mind. They were counted as beasts of lesser intelligence by the beings of light. But, alas, they were also angry.

The beings of light created three cities to which people could live. Of course there were small encampments in the nearby forest, but very few since the forests were dangerous. The mountain was attempted to be explored. Many tried climbing it, but soon died from lack of food or oxygen. There were caves, which some were inhabited by the 'animals' and were labeled dangerous. Other caves were used as storage bases, camps, or the lower ones were used as playthings for children. The caves were protected from the 'animals' by certain spells.They prospered for years and years. They grew more and more, expanded and became more intelligent. New inventions were created, new spells were invented, and weapons were made. Peace only lasted for so long.

Suddenly, one day, there were attacks on all four cities. The beasts of the shadows had all formed and attacked the cities, trying to get back lost land and get more food. It was a hard and bloody battle, which lasted for years. As the beasts began advancing onto the cities, a new city was created: Povum. It was an safe house from all the beasts, and many complicated spells ensured it. It was soon populated with many woman and children. Tunnels were created to connect to the major cities. Times were hard for the people of light. Food was decreasing, and so was the morale. It was looking grim for the so called bright future.

And then, three beings came down from the mountain. They were sages and were there to help out the beings of light. Their actual titles were forgotten, but were dubbed the Fighting Sage, the Magic Sage, and the Strategic Sage. They trained the beings of light how to fight properly. After another couple bloody months, the beasts were being driven back finally. And after a year, the war was won. The sages then blended into society and were never heard of again. It is rumored that they had produced offsprings, though.
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History of Noble World
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