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 Hakumei Shinkirou [Example]

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Hakumei Shinkirou
Hakumei Shinkirou

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PostSubject: Hakumei Shinkirou [Example]   June 22nd 2009, 10:14 pm

Personal Stuff

Name: Hakumei Shinkirou

Age: 15

Species: Dæmon


  • Punishing others
  • Having his way
  • Adventuring
  • Magic


  • Brutish people
  • Unlawful people
  • Evil
  • Fighting

Ambitions: To rid the world of evil no matter what it takes.

Personality: Hakumei (Haku for short) likes to have adventure. This means that he ends up meeting many people, so he is usually a sociable person. If wanted to, however, he could easily con someone into thinking that he is expressing a different emotion. He doesn't have problems with tricking people to go on in his eternal adventure at all.

He is also a pacifist. He doesn't fight unless provoked and his life is threatened. When met with a fight, he will do his best to get away, or dodge the attacks. Eventually, the person will become tired enough to let him leave. If the person has an intent to kill in any way, however, Haku will fight with every intent to kill them without hesitation.

Other Traits


Strengths: He is fairly fast with casting magic and dodging. His specialty is in speed with magic and body movements. Despite what you might think about his cape, it does not hinder him, as it is lined with silence reducing magic.

Weaknesses: Haku isn't particularly strong in anyway. His body isn't toned for strength. He doesn't get attached to people easily. Has aquaphobia.

Weapon Style:


Primary Element: Illusion

Secondary Element: Twilight

Background Stuff

Place of Origin: Regius City

Current Place of Residence: Wandering: Povum

History: Since birth he has been a pacifist. Not fighting unless provoked and life is on the line. Using his abilities he has never hurt someone intentionally, but once. That however, was because he was provoked. His life was on the line, and if he didn't do something soon, he would have been killed. It was even by someone that he "trusted", someone that he knew by personal experiences. Never would he have thought that he would be attacked by that person...

This person, was his sister's boyfriend. Yes, he has a sister, and yes, she had a boyfriend. It has been noted that he had anger issues before, and that he really wasn't fit to be dating. Many of Haku's sister's friends had been making diagnosises of their own about the boyfriend's bad behavior. They were partially correct. To this day, no one has yet to figure out what reason the boyfriend had for his problems, but it was obvious that he was going to lash out at the wrong time eventually.

Haku had to kill the person. The fist time he had ever done anything bad in his life. A death will forever stay with him throughout his entire life. The guilt, the shame. He could never say that he was "a saint" and that he'd never done anything bad. Forever he would have to remember the time that he had killed. The time that he had taken the life from someone. Possibly ruining part of the future. This guilt has and always will be affecting him.

Haku doesn't have many friends of his own. Those that he is friends with though, know what he is like, and understand how he feels. He knows he shouldn't stay too attached, because of the constant fear that they may be targeted by one of his enemies, namely, those with Evil alignment. Either way, he can be sociable if he wants, but rarely exhibits it.

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Hakumei Shinkirou [Example]
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