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 Ability Creation

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PostSubject: Ability Creation   May 30th 2009, 9:02 pm

Basic Rules:
-There is no way to regain, regenerate or replenish how many abilities you can use during a topic.
-When you use an ability during a rp, remember to put how spell slots you spent, and how much you have left, in this form preferably: (2 C-Ranks used; 4 C-Ranks Remaining)
-Do not make an ability that can use its effect multiple times for one expenditure of magic, such as "can shoot three balls of energy for 1 C-Rank spell."
-Please put how many spells you can use in you signature. (Such as: 4 C : 4 B : 4 A)

For how many abilites you may have: Click Here

Now, the Ability format:

Name: (What it is called)

Rank: (What rank is this ability?)

Class: (Offense, Defense, Supplementary)

Effect: (What does the ability do?)

History: (How / why / when /where did you attain this ability?)

You can't stun somebody completely by a ability. You can specify how it can stun the enemy, like throw a snowball at bob. if it hits, bob is frozen for a short amount of time.

You must follow this format for the number of spells you have, if you try to make more than you are allowed they are instantly unapproved and deleted.
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Ability Creation
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